Hello to anyone reading this,

   First, I'd just like to give you a thumbs up for reading about me. Or if you'd prefer a high five just let me know and I'll palm my computer screen.

   I guess now I'll give some random information about myself, starting with:

   My name's Julia, and I received my BFA in Illustration from CIA, aka the Cleveland Institute of Art. My goal? Make a living by doing what I love, meaning working with clients and drawing whatever the heck they want me to, photographing anything and everything (well, almost anything), and hopefully getting a book published before my hair turns white.

   I guess that's all. If you'd like to hire me to do some artwork for you, learn anything else about me, or have any questions, just ask; I don't bite. It's kinda hard to bite someone through a computer and I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so I wouldn't even bite you if you were standing beside me. But seriously, I'm nice. Promise. You can contact me with the form below.

   Thanks for visiting my website!

   T.T.F.N. Ta ta for now.

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